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Bad Romance: Thank You Building 7

11 Sep

9/11 happened before the world was new.


Free-fall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New World Trade Center 7 building, from the groundThe definition of a controlled demolition is a building falling into it’s footprint at free fall speed.

Hello, Building 7.

The beauty of Building 7 is whoever pulled it never imagined in a million years that it would fall a gazillion times on computer screens and minds all over the world.

What everyone seems to forget is 9/11 happened before YouTube, and the Internet.

9/11 happened before the world was new.

But the New World grabbed it and won’t let go.

Building 7 is the ‘boogie board’ that humanity is using to ride the wave out of ‘false flag’ war mongering and into the Dawn of a New Golden Age.

False flags have been around as long as humans had skins and sticks.

Thank you Building 7.

Woah oo woah woah…oh oo Oo oh, Oh baby, caught in a bad romance…

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