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Global Warming as Today’s Original Sin? FAIL!

21 Dec

The top seven global warming setbacks of 2013


Global Warming

Global Warming (Photo credit: mirjoran)

Imagine. Today, just like the Catholic Church 1000 years ago, we were being told that we suck over and over again by everyone, from everywhere.

Democrat, Republican, Left or Right the message was clear.

We were so filthy, so disgusting, so vile that the exhaust from our factories, our autos and our bodies ranked so hard that we were killing the earth.


Movies were made.




Demonetization ensued .



Fear spread throughout the world.



The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One problem. Globally Warming was complete joke, a swindle, a lie devised to make us feel bad so we will agree to pay an indulgence in the form of a carbon tax to the very people who were making us feel afraid: The Government.



What’s impressive is the fact that this lie was propagated for so long by so many.
From Bush, to Clinton, to Bush, to Obama the swindle lasted for decades.


The question is, now that Global Warming has been outed asĀ  fictitious fear mongering, what’s next?
What is the next lie they are going to roll out to get us to simultaneously flog ourselves as we pay them to save us?
I got it!
Climate Change.

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